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Zoella's favourite scents from life - Bonfire & Tomato leaf

We all need a friend like Mark Ferris! If you're not yet acquainted with Mark, you can find him over on You Tube - often laughing A LOT with Zoe Sugg, of Zoella fame. 

In a recent video on Zoella's channel, Mark and Zoe were playing a (quite hilarious) game called the 'Ultimate Friendship Test'. Here, Mark and Zoe put each other to the test, asking questions about themselves that the other was expected to know the answer to. The forfeit, should either of them get the answer wrong, was a pretty messy handful of foodstuff, applied generously to the head (egg, brown sauce, you name it!). Unfortunately, Mark incorrectly guessed that Zoe's favourite smell in life was the scent of tomato leaves, when it's actually the smell of bonfires (he took a face full of whipped cream for that one!). 

Anyway, the point is that Mark is SUCH a good friend that, at this week's launch party for Zoe's new product ranges, he presented our Bonfire and Tomato colognes to Zoe as a little gift. You can watch the video here on You Tube and find out what Zoella, Mark and Joe Sugg thought of two of our quirkiest scents!

The Library of Fragrance - February reviews!

Happy February everyone!

We hope your 2016 got off to a flying and fragrant start. With thoughts of Spring creeping up on us, Christmas seems like a distant memory.

Firstly, many thanks to Stephanie at the Hope, Freedom, Love blog, for this peaceful picture of our Peach, Pistachio Ice Cream and Paperback cologne!

I Scent You a Day in ‘Perfume under £15: And you Won’t Smell Cheap. Promise’ discussed our extensive range and declared her favourites as Musk #7, Play-Doh, Four Leaf Clover, Orange Blossom, Mahogany, Mango, Grass, Rain, Moonbeam and Salt Air.

I Scent you a Day also took the opportunity to write a beautiful review of our Valentine fragrance; well it was February… Samantha kindly said. They truly do have a scent for every occasion, except Halloween (although I wore Library of Fragrance Bonfire last year).” Whether you go in for Valentines or not, it’s safe to say that flowers are a fixed association. “It’s bursting with white flowers… Here the jasmine almost goes as far as that, but not quite. The jasmine is rich and loud and extravagant. The honeysuckle is all present and correct, and coupled with pale feminine roses to make this a beautiful choice for Spring.” Just perfect for lovers of floral scents.

Men's Health Online looked at the ‘Best Kept High Street Grooming Secrets’ and included The Library of Fragrance at number 5.  "Library of Fragrance colognes are great, interesting alternatives…Plus you can mix them. Oud is excellent, as is Pipe Tobacco, but put the two together and you’ve got something Tom Ford might charge £155 for.” We don’t mind being in the same sentence as Tom Ford!

Forty or Faulty in ‘Revolutionising Perfume: The Library of Fragrance’ gave us a lovely review and wonderfully explained our basic concept; offering everyone the ability to combine our intriguing singular scents in any way you wish to create a completely bespoke perfume to suit you. “…you buy the straightforward ‘classic’ scents’ like Jasmine, Cherry Blossom, Musk#7, Bulgarian Rose…and combine it with ‘odd’ scents like Grass, Tomato, Black Pepper,…thus creating a very unique and personal perfume…Of course, all these scents are also lovely on their own, and you can play with the amount you use of each bottle if you do combine them. You will have fun trying them out and combining them, finding out what fits you best.”

Hope, Freedom, Love gave us ‘Quality Fragrance Without Breaking the Bank – Budget Beauty Week’. “As we're talking about decent products that don't break the bank, I really wanted to dedicate this post to The Library of Fragrance. The Library of Fragrance had a really great last year in 2015, they took the beauty world by storm and everybody was talking about them!” Stephanie says how she loves the whole premise of the business. They are the scents that are forgotten about and completely under-appreciated.” Peach, Pistachio Ice Cream and Paperback are the three fragrances in Stephanie’s collection – a great combination; we love layering Paperback with Peach for a fruity note.

Jess at Beauty through the Specs gave a full review of Thunderstorm and described it as “a very calming scent” and a great alternative to fruity or strong scents. Very seasonally appropriate, too!

It was good to hear that Beauty in the Beard has added Rain, Musk#7 and Marshmallow as a “permanent placement on my shelves of perfume and aftershave”. The ever-versatile Musk #7 is the favourite; “I have been out and bought three more of these, since it's so great on my skin.”

Mary-Ellen at The Happy Flat in ‘Wish List No.8: Heaven Scent’ says she loves “light, floral & fresh scents” and goes on to say: I recently discovered the Library of Fragrance brand. This brand creates notes from scents which are familiar to us in our everyday lives. With a varied catalogue ranging from the traditional Peony & Cherry Blossom, to Baby Powder & Fresh Laundry to the more obscure Espresso & Paperback, these scents do not change over time, which is great. What’s your favourite scent?”

Look forward to seeing you all in March for more updates!

The Library of Fragrance - January reviews!

Let’s begin by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! We hope you had a fabulous festive break... if you're feeling anything like us, it's a little strange to be back behind the desk, today?! Still, what better than fragrance for setting us all up for a fabulous fresh start for 2016, for marking resolutions, goals, ambitions and new beginnings.

On this note, thanks to LN London for this wonderful picture of Grass, it was like a breath of fresh air and a pitch perfect hint at spring being just around the corner (hopefully!).

LN London came across our brand in Boots and selected Grass from the selection available: “It’s the middle of winter and I yearned for the summery sweet scent of freshly mown lawn.” It was great to hear she loved her choice and will be purchasing more.

Post-Christmas indulgence (yes we felt that too) I Scent You a Day  found some solace in Mountain Air. “…Mountain Air is refreshing, airy and light.  It has a crystalline quality that captures the spirit of fresh air and ozone. It stays fresh too, with just a light finish of violet leaf, which gives it a slightly metallic wet tang, like a raindrop on tin. This freshness and zingy optimism makes it perfectly unisex, as all perfumes are if you ask me. Mountain Air will blow away the cobwebs and also makes the perfect hangover scent…”

Sarah Smiles shared her foolproof tips for getting out of bed in the morning through these dark months. “…One of the last things I do before leaving the house is perfume. I'm one of those people who likes to have a range of perfumes and currently, my two go-to fragrances from The Library of Fragrance are Thunderstorm and Moonbeam. Occasionally, I wear Moonbeam on its own but my favourite thing is to layer the two fragrances together…”

Charlotte at Colours & Carousels confesses that she’s never likely to be a ‘signature fragrance’ girl (us neither!) but who would want to be? Charlotte mentions our “…array of delicious sounding scents…” and how she was taken with Moonbeam but, she says, “…the real winner for me has been the combination of Sunshine and Cherry Blossom. Pairing the two together perfectly conveys those warm summer days spent basking in the garden with a book in hand…I didn't think it was possible to capture a season so perfectly in a fragrance, but this combination does it effortlessly.”

Netmums looked at ‘10 Feel good Buys for Under £10’ and our beautiful Sunshine cologne was included. “…This fragrance will give you an instant summery mood-boost, created with a mixture of scents including fresh cotton and sun-kissed skin.” The perfect antidote to the winter blues we think.

Obviously all of our colognes are calorie-free (no matter how good they smell they are NOT for eating!) so they’re a great way to keep to any New Year detoxes and many others thought along these lines.

Stephanie at Hope, Freedom, Love wrote a wonderful review of our sumptuous Pistachio Ice Cream cologne, saying how, while it really does smell like an amazing dessert, it ultimately is very wearable. “…I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, but I honestly do not know how The Library of Fragrance does it! They capture these scents almost effortlessly, taking our favourite scents and making them so wearable and simple. This honestly smells just like a bowl of my favourite ice cream...”

Our Pizza cologne featured at in ‘10 Almost Edible Beauty Buys To Stop Your New Years Cravings’. Has to be the next best thing?

We were so glad to hear that the lovely Nikki Lily was so taken with our Vanilla Cake Batter cologne in all its beautiful vanilla-ness. “When I smelt it I just fell head over heels for it, it’s so beautiful, it just smells exactly like if you were to smell a bowl of cake batter…or a freshly made cake…” We might have to have a quick spritz right now reading this.

“The best boozy bath-time treats” included our sin-free and hangover-free Gin & Tonic cologne. The feature content appeared across a number of titles: Irish News, Western Daily Press, Irish Examiner, Belfast Telegraph, Shropshire Star, Express & Star and Jersey Evening Post.

Mary at Over 40 and a Mum to One was in need of some pampering for the New Year and was on the lookout for some new additions to her dressing table and despite being spoilt for choice opted for Jasmine. “…We have Jasmine plants in the garden so the scent reminds me of warmer days ahead.  The fragrance holds well throughout the day, without being overpowering either…I love the idea of Apple Blossom and Dark Chocolate and I might have to put those to the test at some point.”

Scent is such a personal thing – and finding a perfume that is ‘you’ can be difficult – especially if you’re looking to buy online. The Library of Fragrance have found a clever way around this.” We loved this sentiment from Enchanted Pixie, who “…picked three of my favourite scents to try out – Almond, Frangipani and Baby Powder…The great thing about these scents is you can wear them alone or layer them to create your own unique scent. They all smell gorgeous by themselves, and actually all three layered together is delightfully lovely...”

Time 2 Gossip created a wonderful care package for a mum-to-be and no prizes for guessing which of our colognes made it in…Baby Powder of course. What better way to help a friend get prepared?

Lizzie Ostrom, author of ‘Perfume A Century of Scents’, matched “…some of her favourite scents to some equally brilliant books” for Penguin Publishing and selected our Vetiver cologne to evoke The Hunger Games. “…In smell it is earthy, cool, but slightly smoky like a bonfire. This Vetiver scent is really low key but just keeps luring you in. Like Katniss it doesn’t need to try hard with a show-off style. Great for both genders by the way. £15.”

Play Pennies wrote about our quirkier side leading with a focus on Play-Doh and we really liked the discussion on how smells can really evoke memories and emotions.

Finally, we had a couple of December pieces creep in. Sophie’s Beauty on a Budget pulled together a great festive beauty round-up and included a lovely piece about The Library of Fragrance, discussing Fresh Ginger and Fireplace: I love LOF as you can mix and match so many different fragrances to create a unique scent and the possibilities are endless! I love this combo for the ultimate Christmas smell – it reminds me of eating gingerbread men sitting by the fire watching Christmas films! looked at ’16 beauty essentials that will help you hide your hangover’ and recommended our Pink Grapefruit cologne to help you cover up the previous night’s excesses. They advise, as we know, that with a hangover you can be more sensitive to smells so subtle and light colognes can work best. “…The Library of Fragrance Pink Grapefruit Cologne is a refreshing citrus and fruity blend that strikes the right balance of making you feel fresh as a daisy without overpowering your nostrils.” The same post appeared on the Irish Examiner and the Baliwick Express.

So that sums up our first month of 2016! All shaping up to be a fabulous year so far. Thank you all and see you soon.

The Library of Fragrance makes it into Zoella's 2015 Beauty Favourites!

Well then, what a glorious way to kick off a New Year! 

If you missed it, you can catch the fabulous Zoe Sugg's round-up of her 2015 'beauty favourites' on YouTube (we pop up at around 14:04 in). 

Zoe starts by saying that, "Perfume-wise, I have definitely been loving The Library of Fragrance; they have so many incredible smells..." You also get to hear about how our Honeysuckle was the fragrance that first made her fall in love with us, because it literally smells of summer, and how she often likes to layer it with our Peony, so that she smells like a "secret garden" (we love that!). Catch Zoe's first talking about our Honeysuckle & Peony scents in her July Favourites video on YouTube (see us at 4:48 in)!

Zoe then goes on to talk about our beloved Gingerbread, saying that it she loves it "sooo much", that it reminds her of "Christmas, gingerbread and everything amazing" ... and that if she could "have everything smelling of gingerbread, I totally would". Hear Zoe's first thoughts about our Gingerbread cologne in her fab October Favourites video on YouTube (see us pop up at around 8:25 in!). 

Happy New Year! 

In preparation for the 1st January...!

Here's our fresh, reviving Pink Grapefruit cologne making it into a feature at The Sun online, about how to mask a hangover. Not that we condone hangovers, of course, but anything that can get the New Year off to a better start is a hit with us! 

Dr Alan Hirsch, founder and neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, in Chicago, found that, when asked to sniff a pink grapefruit scent on middle-aged women, more than 50 men judged the women to be six years younger than their actual age. So if, like us, you suspect you may be feeling a little haggard on the 1st, you could do well to keep a bottle of this close to hand...! 

The Library of Fragrance - this week's reviews!

Thanks to The Sunday Girl for this beautifully arranged photo of our Christmas In New York cologne. It’s perfect.

Felicity at Pretty Posh Oh My Gosh, in the duo’s ‘The Weekend Edit | All We Want for Christmas’, selected Peony and Espresso as part of her list of Christmas picks. I was so taken by the single scent approach, and these two intrigue me the most! I reckon Espresso is perfect for Mondays, and Peony is great for weekends...” Naturally, we agree wholeheartedly with this.

What Lauren Did Today kindly agreed to review some of our range and after much temptation decided on Apple Blossom and Sex on the Beach, plus we sent Pixie Dust along for good measure as we had a hunch it would appeal. Thankfully our instincts paid off as Lauren proclaimed that Pixie Dust  is my favourite of three, and possibly one of my favourite perfumes ever...Even better the scent lasts for hours."

Christmas was just around the corner and our colognes proved to be popular gift suggestions.

Developing the Negatives listed our Christmas 2014 Limited Edition Fragrances – Egg Nog and Christmas in New York - as Christmas gift ideas. Surely something for everyone?

Meanwhile, Satchel also did a round up of some scented gift ideas and selected Mistletoe, Pixie Dust and Gin & Tonic.

The Sunday Girl very kindly talked about our range on three occasions through the rest of December. In the first she talked about how Pixie Dust is her “personal favourite” and advised that “…if there is a scent you can imagine then there is a good chance that The Library of Fragrance offer it.” 

The Sunday Girl later talked about our Christmas in New York cologne and painted a truly wonderful picture around how she imagines New York may smell at this magical time: “I've never been to NYC in the Winter months but if it smells half as wonderful as this cologne does, then I may never leave...” She adds: “In my opinion The Library of Fragrance Christmas in New York Cologne is a soft, warming vanilla yet mildly fruity scent that somewhat reminds me of yet freshly baked Panettone. It is festive yet not overly so and all without a hefty does of Cinnamon - seemingly the Winter note of choice for many a brand this year…If anything goes well with a cup of Egg Nog and a Christmas sweater it is this cologne. Festive fans, you need this.”

Finally, in ‘The best beauty stocking fillers’ The Sunday Girl included Egg Nog as a great way to indulge her love of the festive season. “Warm, slightly spice based (I'm guessing that is the boozy kick), coupled with a creamy base - this is the perfect gift for those who have everything and/or appreciate the more unusual gifts.”

Elsewhere, Alina at Beauty with Charm stepped out of her “sweet/fruity comfort zone” to try out Gingerbread and Fireplace as Christmas/Winter scents. “I think they are a fantastic brand, plus I love the concept of having simple one note scents that you can mix & match to create your very own bespoke fragrance…Now when I chose the two scents I picked them out with the idea of using them together as a home fragrances, so for this purpose they work perfectly.” 

In her ‘Thursday Tittle Tattle’ blog series at Hope, Freedom, Love, Stephanie highlighted our latest addition, Valentine, which we launched on 1st January 2016, whilst over at Dorkface, Jemma was thrilled with the goodies we sent her for a spot of ‘Winter Pampering’, which we reckon she thoroughly deserved. Gingerbread, Thunderstorm and Play-Doh were sent for review for a nice bit of variety. “…I can't go into what they actually smell like, other than saying they really, truly DO smell as intended; it's so cool! I think my favourite might be Thunderstorm, but it's really hard as they're all fab in different ways...” 

Jasmine Talks Beauty rounded up some of the best festive bath, body and fragrance items. First up on her list was our ever-popular Egg Nog cologne, a true hit of Christmas in a bottle and ideal for someone with a love of “indulgent 'foodie' scents”. We all like a scent to last and Jasmine says “…The scent is noticeable without being overwhelming and I can still smell it on me by the end of the day. It's perfect for Christmas and would make the cutest little stocking-filler.

Lorna at Studs and Dreams embarked on her ‘Christmas Gift Guide: Under £15’, the third instalment in her gift series, and guess what made the grade? My pick of the fragrance is the Library of Fragrance Egg Nog scent as it's just, well, festive. This one's for someone who loves a sweet scent for sure.” Shortly afterwards over at, Egg Nog – again, hooray! – made it into an edit of ‘How to Scent Your Home’.

We are the Unicorns selected the best of all the Youtube beauty products that are essential to your Christmas list and included reference to Zoella’s past post about our Gingerbread fragrance. “If you haven’t heard of The Fragrance Library, get ready to fall in love with a company who specialise in creating perfumes in every single scent imaginable… it was the Gingerbread scent that caught Zoella’s eyes (or should that be nose?!)…we’re constantly spraying ourselves in warm, spicy gingerbread goodness. And at £15 for 30ml, it won’t break Santa’s bank!”

Gingerbread, along with Snow and Fireplace also made it into Popsugar’s post; ‘Smells Like Christmas! 50 Festively Scented Products We Love’.

So that summed up 2015! What a fantastic year and thank you all for your support. An early 'happy New Year' to you all and we look forward to more fragrant fun in 2016!

The Library of Fragrance - this week's reviews!

A big thank you to Salt & Chic for this beautifully minimalist shot of Fireplace, Moonbeam and Thunderstorm.

Sometimes, even around Christmas time, when heavier, richer and intense scents are more the order of the day, you just need a little hit of tropical escapism. I Scent you a Day gave an absolutely glowing review of our Orange Blossom and Mango colognes. …Library of Fragrance Orange Blossom is one of the best Orange Blossom soliflores I have tried. It’s not the highest priced orange blossom, nor does it come in fancy packaging, but for a sweet, floral, milky hit with a hint of subtle oranges in the background, this is hard to beat. It’s fabulous on its own, but when I layered Library of Fragrance Mango over the top, I had something really addictive going on…Both Orange Blossom and Mango are fabulous alone and true to the descriptions on their labels, but together, they really take off. My recommendation? Get both.”

Meanwhile, we hope that you noticed that I Scent you a Day also ran a giveaway for our Bonfire and Pipe Tobacco colognes; two perfect choices for the transition from autumn to winter... did you win? Let us know what you think, if so! 

Elsewhere, The Skin Chronicles looked at ‘Beauty Gifts for fragrance fanatics’ and led the piece with an image of Dirt, Gin & Tonic, Baby Powder and Thunderstorm. The favourites selected were Amber, Gingerbread, Oud, Almond, Fresh Coconut and Pistachio! 

Amy at Salt & Chic discussed the beauty of giving fragrance for Christmas – something we wholeheartedly support of course – and “…chose to go for Fireplace, Moonbeam and Thunderstorm, three unconventional but not too crazy fragrances that I couldn't wait to try!” Of the three, Moonbeam was her favourite, but she says “The two unconventional scents really surprised me with how nice they smelled so I think next time I'm getting some perfumes from The Library of Fragrance, I'll branch out a bit and try something even more adventurous! She says of Fireplace, “When I opened the bottle, I was so surprised as it really did smell just like a fireplace but when I sprayed it, the scent is rather spicy and really festive. It's such a beautiful scent, especially for this time of year.”

Over at the I Am Fabulicious blog, our Egg Nog fragrance’s festive reign continued as Sarah confirmed she is a …a MASSIVE Library of Fragrance fan ever since discovering them last year.” Of Egg Nog she says; “Its undeniable festive scent come from a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg, while a dash of bourbon gives it a real punch! Vanilla, cream and sugar round the fragrance off and together create a sweet, warm, rich, creamy scent.” In a word, delicious.

Face Up Beauty included Gin & Tonic in 3 Fabulously Quirky Scents to Get This Christmasdescribing it as a “…light crisp unisex fragrance with a dash of juniper that smells like… you got it.” It was also nice to hear that; “These singular scents from The Library of Fragrance are such a clever idea.”

One of our favourite fragrance bloggers, Sarah at Odiferess, wrote a brill piece about ‘Christmas themes from The Library of Fragrance: Mistletoe, Frankincense and Christmas in New York’. For Sarah the one that came out top was Mistletoe. She said ithints at regeneration, sticky new buds and the joy of a late winter sun warming your face as you take your first long country walk of the new year.  It’s immensely joyful. An antidote to darkness.”

Meanwhile, Luxury Lifestyle magazine looked at ‘festive fragrances to get you in the mood’ and selected four Christmas-inspired creations from our range: Egg Nog, Christmas in New York, Gingerbread and Mistletoe. Each of these received a fabulous review that made us want to start spritzing them right now! For example, Egg Nog “…is a sweet and comforting scent that is sure to warm your cockles, and is best enjoyed sipping a cup of the real thing beside a crackling open fire and Gingerbread is Homely and comforting…a festive season must in our book – and beyond.” We have every element of Christmas covered, whatever your taste in fragrance.

And finally... You may have heard that the scent of grapefruit has been shown to make people be perceived as up to six years younger than their actual age and The Sun Online recommended livening yourself up post-hangover with our Pink Grapefruit cologne, described as “fabulously refreshing”. The same article appeared at The Sun Online ROI.

Check back in with us soon to see what the rest of December had in store!

The Library of Fragrance - this week's reviews!

To begin, thank you to The Sunday Girl for this fairytale image of our Pixie Dust cologne. Love it! 
As we rushed into December surrounded by the intoxicating smells of our amazing Christmas-inspired fragrances, we were thrilled to see that others felt the same way about our creations as we do.
Erisea Mag looked at ‘The Smell of Christmas’ in their Christmas gift guide and wrote a lovely piece mentioning a whole host of our products;“…favourites for Christmas have got to be Mistletoe, Snow and Gingerbread.  Together they seem to create an atmosphere of this time of year.  Of course they can be worn alone or in any combination, the Gingerbread is warm and spicy with hints of vanilla and the sense of freshly baked cookies!  Mistletoe is a rich, sharp scent...  Finally, Snow is a bright, fresh fragrance that smells like the first snow that falls on an early winter morning and together the three of them make a beautiful, unique cologne.” They go on to say of our colognes “they are incredibly accurate and smell amazing...” Fully our intention, of course!
Shay Holly has been sampling our Vanilla Ice Cream, Cherry Blossom and Pineapple colognes; “These little beauties have fast become my favourite perfumes and I haven't been leaving the house without having one in my bag. If you haven't heard of The Library of Fragrance then you need to get straight on their website!” Shay describes these as examples of “perfect everyday smells” and was particularly drawn to Vanilla Ice Cream, which “…really lasts and in my opinion smells divine!”
Leighlee over at Beauty, Bargains and Beyond attracted compliments all over the place since using our Gin & Tonic Cologne Spray, which she describes as a “…clean, fresh & crisp fragrance. It's the perfect scent for a cold winter day. It's a light, cool citrus fragrance that gives you a wonderful wake up call when you spray it on every morning.” Any excuse for a G&T; a sentiment shared by Helen at Loves and Loathes who also selected Gin and Tonic Cologne Spray as an addition to her monthly ‘You Beauty Discovery’ box and commented that, “…this handy purse spray has a crisp, citrus scent with a hint of Juniper, as I’m quite partial to a G and T this was destined for my box!” offered five of our true-to-life Gin & Tonic colognes in a competition for December. If you like gin you’ll love this magazine and novel Gin subscription service – we recommend sniffing it out!
As if you hadn’t already guessed, our fragrances make excellent, thoughtful gifts. The Women’s Room in the ‘Christmas Gift Guide for the Boy About Town’ gave a shout out to Snow, Clean Skin and Fresh Laundry as ideal presents for boys (yes we got the irony straight away!)
Scrumptious Apple Pie made it into Kat’s ‘Quirky Stocking Fillers’ suggestions at Chapters of Kat.
Over at Time 2 Gossip, Egg Nog and Mistletoe were included in a festive round up; ‘It Smells like Christmas’.
Gingerbread, Egg Nog and Frankincense made it into a ‘Stocking Fillers’ post at Fashion for Lunch; When it comes to playful scents, the Library of Fragrance have nailed it! They are high quality single scent perfumes which can be worn alone or layered up to create your own personal fragrance combination.”
Lauren Joannee said of Egg Nog (again!); “today I'm going to tell you guys about my current favourite perfume, from The Library of Fragrance… and boy, is it amazing!...The overall scent of the perfume reminds me perfectly of Christmas candles, and the wonderful festive aroma of that time of year…” We’re so pleased you liked it, we love that our scents have the ability to conjure up such vivid feelings and memories.
Gabriella Loves was very taken with our Paperback cologne: “Paperback is a very subtle scent that reminds me of the fresh pages of a book. Not the plastic scent that sometimes occurs, but the cosy bookshop-winter-evening-at the fireplace scent. I can compare the scent to a very comfortable vanilla-wood mist, with the feeling of a cosy bookshop.”
Similarly, Kariss at Shy, Strange, Manic had been searching for a book-scented perfume for years and thankfully we were here to deliver. She said: “For me this is a winner...and they have a rather enchanting Christmas range at the moment.”  
The Sunday Girl gave our Pixie Dust a glowing review, and as we made the disclaimer that we unfortunately haven’t experienced real pixie dust, it’s amazing to hear that we may have created what people think it may smell like! I've spoken many, many times about The Library of Fragrance Colognes and stand by my admission that they are nothing short of genius…I know what you are thinking, how exactly would one create a Pixie Dust scent, given that it is a fragrance that only exists in the imagination of children and over enthusiastic adults? Not an easy task but The Library of Fragrance have done it justice…At just £15 for a 30ml bottle, it will add a little magic all year round to anyone's life as well as being terribly apt this festive season. I am smitten.”
Simone at Eltoria has kindly claimed to be a fan of our range and spoke about Strawberry Ice Cream, Sweet Pea, Sex on the Beach and Marshmallow. We were pleased to hear that a bottle of Strawberry Ice Cream lives in Simone’s car!
Louise at Get Lippie found our Cardamon fragrance to be a pleasant surprise; Expecting a sharp and pungent hit of hot perfumed spice, I was greeted with a soft fluffy cloud of warm cardamom-scented powder.  Creamy and gently perfumed with cardamom, this is really lovely.  It smells a lot more expensive than any £15 perfume has any right to, frankly.”
Hawaiian Vanilla made it into ‘November Favourites’ at the Perks of being Ami, and became the fragrance that lived up to her expectations of what a vanilla fragrance should smell like! Which was excellent news for us… we do try! To hear that she was “…head over heels in love…” with her “…perfect scent” really did make our day.

At the, our very own Mark Crames had his say in Funmi Fetto’s piece, ‘Is it time to divorce your scent?’ and the piece also highlighted our e-consultations service, perfect for any of you in search of your perfect, unique fragrance.

Maximum Pop wrote a fabulous piece – ‘PIZZA & PLAY-DOH PERFUME? 10 WEIRD BUT TOTALLY AWESOME PONGS FROM THE LIBRARY OF FRAGRANCE’ that really explains the breadth of what our range covers from Pixie Dust through to Dirt. Well, we do aim to meet every taste in scent.

The Perfume Society included our wonderfully autumnal Bonfire cologne in ‘5 fragrances under £30 – Suzy Nightingale’s scented edit’ and after expressing her love for that amazing “smell of bonfire smoke” she commented,Made for layering, I find this adds a deeper layer of interest to all sorts of scents I’d normally reserve for warmer days. Thrillingly pocket-friendly, it seems rude not buy several different ones and create your own perfect combo…” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.
The FashionBeans Grooming Gift Guide recommended our oddly sexy Dirt cologne, which smells of soil, should prompt a grin from the great unwashed.”
The ran a piece on ‘Winter Scents’ where Fleur Stevens selected Gingerbread as one of her favourite scents of the season. Perfect for anyone who likes the smell of freshly baked gingerbread”. Who wouldn’t?!

Online Noo in her brilliant ‘Drugstore Beauty Christmas Gift Guide’ said “I’m going to talk about one of my favourite brands, The Library of Fragrance…I love it and use it pretty much everyday. This is the one I’m using at the moment, Cherry Blossom…I love this one…they do some amazing fragrances…” Pixie Dust, Play-Doh and Pizza were also mentioned as was the enticing combination of Fireplace and Sticky Toffee Pudding, which couldn’t emulate any more what we’d like to do for most of winter.

Finally, also over on YouTube, Mark Ferris indulged his love of coffee shops in the winter months with a spritz of Espresso; “…I swear on my life it smells like a coffee, like a really nice…subtle coffee grain flavour, and it just lingers for ages and it’s just a really nice musky coffee smell.”

Phew! What a week! That sums up an incredible first week of December! Check back, next week, to see what the rest of the month had in store.

The Library of Fragrance - this month's reviews!

How amazing is this picture from House of Lure? The image in the background was taken in 2015 in Coco Chanel’s famous apartment. Thank you for taking such a great photo, we love it!

As we reached November, as to be expected, things started to feel decidedly Christmassy and what better way to get in the mood than with a fragrance that evokes comforting nostalgia and that wonderful feeling of anticipation from the smells of many Christmases past...

House of Lure gave a glowing review of our deliciously festive Egg Nog fragrance. “The Library of Fragrance's take on egg nog with their 'Egg Nog' cologne is everything I hoped it would be - the top notes are delicately spicy, with cinnamon taking centre stage, before the perfume settles into a subtly musky vanilla scent. It's definitely a 'creamy' scent as described, not sharp or fresh, adding to the winter and cosy appeal. I feel it's suitable for both genders as it lacks feminine florals and powders, just as much as it shies from strong, masculine notes, instead meeting in the middle to create a fragrance attractive and suitable for all... with the 'Egg Nog' cologne spray, you probably could 'do away with the mistletoe'.”

Dad Blog included The Library of Fragrance in his ‘Christmas Gift Guide for Him and Her’, showcasing Christmas in New York. He said of our range… “In case you think this is just for the girls, it features some masculine scents such as sandalwood and also chocolate-themed varieties so boys can play with the range too.”

In Touch Rugby directed its readers to our website for stocking fillers and highlighted our Grass and Dirt fragrances. Marvellous when layered together too might we add! 

We were so pleased to learn that We Were Raised by Wolves  is a fan of our Baby Powder cologne. Evelyn comments: This smells exactly like baby powder, so if you're a fellow BP fan, you need this in your life. Simples.”

Baby 2 Body very kindly told their readers that we were one of their favourite new fragrance brands this year. “Three perfumes that are seriously sophisticated, refreshing, and a treat to wear, are Orange Blossom, Frankincense, and Fig Leaf. Orange Blossom is the perfect pick-me-up scent to keep in your handbag, Frankincense is gloriously rich and luxurious (and not just awesome for the holiday season), and Fig Leaf is a wonderful alternative to traditional florals, with a peppery kick and lots of vibrant greenery to boost your mood.”

Finally, Maximum Pop! ran a competition where we offered five UK readers the chance to win a brand new perfume of their choosing! As they rightly say, “The selection is literally endless”. We hope the winners enjoyed their selection.

See you soon for our December round-ups!


A perfume that Mrs Claus might wear on date night...

We're happiest, here at The Library of Fragrance, when we're busy expanding the enjoyment of scent and helping people to fall in love with new fragrances. So we couldn't have been more pleased to watch Zoe receive her 'thank you' present from us, for the support she has given our little brand over the past year. It's a special, unique and one-of-a-kind fragrance that we made especially for Zoe and that we will never sell to anyone else, and since we know how much she loved Christmas, the brief to our New York perfumer was, "create a fragrance that Mrs Claus might wear on date night..."

If you're interested to see Zoe's reaction to her new fragrance, you can catch it at 6:30 mins in. Click the link or the image above to watch! 

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