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  • The Library of Fragrance - January reviews!
  • The Library of Fragrance
  • Reviews
The Library of Fragrance - January reviews!

Let’s begin by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! We hope you had a fabulous festive break... if you're feeling anything like us, it's a little strange to be back behind the desk, today?! Still, what better than fragrance for setting us all up for a fabulous fresh start for 2016, for marking resolutions, goals, ambitions and new beginnings.

On this note, thanks to LN London for this wonderful picture of Grass, it was like a breath of fresh air and a pitch perfect hint at spring being just around the corner (hopefully!).

LN London came across our brand in Boots and selected Grass from the selection available: “It’s the middle of winter and I yearned for the summery sweet scent of freshly mown lawn.” It was great to hear she loved her choice and will be purchasing more.

Post-Christmas indulgence (yes we felt that too) I Scent You a Day  found some solace in Mountain Air. “…Mountain Air is refreshing, airy and light.  It has a crystalline quality that captures the spirit of fresh air and ozone. It stays fresh too, with just a light finish of violet leaf, which gives it a slightly metallic wet tang, like a raindrop on tin. This freshness and zingy optimism makes it perfectly unisex, as all perfumes are if you ask me. Mountain Air will blow away the cobwebs and also makes the perfect hangover scent…”

Sarah Smiles shared her foolproof tips for getting out of bed in the morning through these dark months. “…One of the last things I do before leaving the house is perfume. I'm one of those people who likes to have a range of perfumes and currently, my two go-to fragrances from The Library of Fragrance are Thunderstorm and Moonbeam. Occasionally, I wear Moonbeam on its own but my favourite thing is to layer the two fragrances together…”

Charlotte at Colours & Carousels confesses that she’s never likely to be a ‘signature fragrance’ girl (us neither!) but who would want to be? Charlotte mentions our “…array of delicious sounding scents…” and how she was taken with Moonbeam but, she says, “…the real winner for me has been the combination of Sunshine and Cherry Blossom. Pairing the two together perfectly conveys those warm summer days spent basking in the garden with a book in hand…I didn't think it was possible to capture a season so perfectly in a fragrance, but this combination does it effortlessly.”

Netmums looked at ‘10 Feel good Buys for Under £10’ and our beautiful Sunshine cologne was included. “…This fragrance will give you an instant summery mood-boost, created with a mixture of scents including fresh cotton and sun-kissed skin.” The perfect antidote to the winter blues we think.

Obviously all of our colognes are calorie-free (no matter how good they smell they are NOT for eating!) so they’re a great way to keep to any New Year detoxes and many others thought along these lines.

Stephanie at Hope, Freedom, Love wrote a wonderful review of our sumptuous Pistachio Ice Cream cologne, saying how, while it really does smell like an amazing dessert, it ultimately is very wearable. “…I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, but I honestly do not know how The Library of Fragrance does it! They capture these scents almost effortlessly, taking our favourite scents and making them so wearable and simple. This honestly smells just like a bowl of my favourite ice cream...”

Our Pizza cologne featured at in ‘10 Almost Edible Beauty Buys To Stop Your New Years Cravings’. Has to be the next best thing?

We were so glad to hear that the lovely Nikki Lily was so taken with our Vanilla Cake Batter cologne in all its beautiful vanilla-ness. “When I smelt it I just fell head over heels for it, it’s so beautiful, it just smells exactly like if you were to smell a bowl of cake batter…or a freshly made cake…” We might have to have a quick spritz right now reading this.

“The best boozy bath-time treats” included our sin-free and hangover-free Gin & Tonic cologne. The feature content appeared across a number of titles: Irish News, Western Daily Press, Irish Examiner, Belfast Telegraph, Shropshire Star, Express & Star and Jersey Evening Post.

Mary at Over 40 and a Mum to One was in need of some pampering for the New Year and was on the lookout for some new additions to her dressing table and despite being spoilt for choice opted for Jasmine. “…We have Jasmine plants in the garden so the scent reminds me of warmer days ahead.  The fragrance holds well throughout the day, without being overpowering either…I love the idea of Apple Blossom and Dark Chocolate and I might have to put those to the test at some point.”

Scent is such a personal thing – and finding a perfume that is ‘you’ can be difficult – especially if you’re looking to buy online. The Library of Fragrance have found a clever way around this.” We loved this sentiment from Enchanted Pixie, who “…picked three of my favourite scents to try out – Almond, Frangipani and Baby Powder…The great thing about these scents is you can wear them alone or layer them to create your own unique scent. They all smell gorgeous by themselves, and actually all three layered together is delightfully lovely...”

Time 2 Gossip created a wonderful care package for a mum-to-be and no prizes for guessing which of our colognes made it in…Baby Powder of course. What better way to help a friend get prepared?

Lizzie Ostrom, author of ‘Perfume A Century of Scents’, matched “…some of her favourite scents to some equally brilliant books” for Penguin Publishing and selected our Vetiver cologne to evoke The Hunger Games. “…In smell it is earthy, cool, but slightly smoky like a bonfire. This Vetiver scent is really low key but just keeps luring you in. Like Katniss it doesn’t need to try hard with a show-off style. Great for both genders by the way. £15.”

Play Pennies wrote about our quirkier side leading with a focus on Play-Doh and we really liked the discussion on how smells can really evoke memories and emotions.

Finally, we had a couple of December pieces creep in. Sophie’s Beauty on a Budget pulled together a great festive beauty round-up and included a lovely piece about The Library of Fragrance, discussing Fresh Ginger and Fireplace: I love LOF as you can mix and match so many different fragrances to create a unique scent and the possibilities are endless! I love this combo for the ultimate Christmas smell – it reminds me of eating gingerbread men sitting by the fire watching Christmas films! looked at ’16 beauty essentials that will help you hide your hangover’ and recommended our Pink Grapefruit cologne to help you cover up the previous night’s excesses. They advise, as we know, that with a hangover you can be more sensitive to smells so subtle and light colognes can work best. “…The Library of Fragrance Pink Grapefruit Cologne is a refreshing citrus and fruity blend that strikes the right balance of making you feel fresh as a daisy without overpowering your nostrils.” The same post appeared on the Irish Examiner and the Baliwick Express.

So that sums up our first month of 2016! All shaping up to be a fabulous year so far. Thank you all and see you soon.

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