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  • The Library of Fragrance - this week's reviews!
  • The Library of Fragrance
  • Reviews
The Library of Fragrance - this week's reviews!

Thanks to The Sunday Girl for this beautifully arranged photo of our Christmas In New York cologne. It’s perfect.

Felicity at Pretty Posh Oh My Gosh, in the duo’s ‘The Weekend Edit | All We Want for Christmas’, selected Peony and Espresso as part of her list of Christmas picks. I was so taken by the single scent approach, and these two intrigue me the most! I reckon Espresso is perfect for Mondays, and Peony is great for weekends...” Naturally, we agree wholeheartedly with this.

What Lauren Did Today kindly agreed to review some of our range and after much temptation decided on Apple Blossom and Sex on the Beach, plus we sent Pixie Dust along for good measure as we had a hunch it would appeal. Thankfully our instincts paid off as Lauren proclaimed that Pixie Dust  is my favourite of three, and possibly one of my favourite perfumes ever...Even better the scent lasts for hours."

Christmas was just around the corner and our colognes proved to be popular gift suggestions.

Developing the Negatives listed our Christmas 2014 Limited Edition Fragrances – Egg Nog and Christmas in New York - as Christmas gift ideas. Surely something for everyone?

Meanwhile, Satchel also did a round up of some scented gift ideas and selected Mistletoe, Pixie Dust and Gin & Tonic.

The Sunday Girl very kindly talked about our range on three occasions through the rest of December. In the first she talked about how Pixie Dust is her “personal favourite” and advised that “…if there is a scent you can imagine then there is a good chance that The Library of Fragrance offer it.” 

The Sunday Girl later talked about our Christmas in New York cologne and painted a truly wonderful picture around how she imagines New York may smell at this magical time: “I've never been to NYC in the Winter months but if it smells half as wonderful as this cologne does, then I may never leave...” She adds: “In my opinion The Library of Fragrance Christmas in New York Cologne is a soft, warming vanilla yet mildly fruity scent that somewhat reminds me of yet freshly baked Panettone. It is festive yet not overly so and all without a hefty does of Cinnamon - seemingly the Winter note of choice for many a brand this year…If anything goes well with a cup of Egg Nog and a Christmas sweater it is this cologne. Festive fans, you need this.”

Finally, in ‘The best beauty stocking fillers’ The Sunday Girl included Egg Nog as a great way to indulge her love of the festive season. “Warm, slightly spice based (I'm guessing that is the boozy kick), coupled with a creamy base - this is the perfect gift for those who have everything and/or appreciate the more unusual gifts.”

Elsewhere, Alina at Beauty with Charm stepped out of her “sweet/fruity comfort zone” to try out Gingerbread and Fireplace as Christmas/Winter scents. “I think they are a fantastic brand, plus I love the concept of having simple one note scents that you can mix & match to create your very own bespoke fragrance…Now when I chose the two scents I picked them out with the idea of using them together as a home fragrances, so for this purpose they work perfectly.” 

In her ‘Thursday Tittle Tattle’ blog series at Hope, Freedom, Love, Stephanie highlighted our latest addition, Valentine, which we launched on 1st January 2016, whilst over at Dorkface, Jemma was thrilled with the goodies we sent her for a spot of ‘Winter Pampering’, which we reckon she thoroughly deserved. Gingerbread, Thunderstorm and Play-Doh were sent for review for a nice bit of variety. “…I can't go into what they actually smell like, other than saying they really, truly DO smell as intended; it's so cool! I think my favourite might be Thunderstorm, but it's really hard as they're all fab in different ways...” 

Jasmine Talks Beauty rounded up some of the best festive bath, body and fragrance items. First up on her list was our ever-popular Egg Nog cologne, a true hit of Christmas in a bottle and ideal for someone with a love of “indulgent 'foodie' scents”. We all like a scent to last and Jasmine says “…The scent is noticeable without being overwhelming and I can still smell it on me by the end of the day. It's perfect for Christmas and would make the cutest little stocking-filler.

Lorna at Studs and Dreams embarked on her ‘Christmas Gift Guide: Under £15’, the third instalment in her gift series, and guess what made the grade? My pick of the fragrance is the Library of Fragrance Egg Nog scent as it's just, well, festive. This one's for someone who loves a sweet scent for sure.” Shortly afterwards over at, Egg Nog – again, hooray! – made it into an edit of ‘How to Scent Your Home’.

We are the Unicorns selected the best of all the Youtube beauty products that are essential to your Christmas list and included reference to Zoella’s past post about our Gingerbread fragrance. “If you haven’t heard of The Fragrance Library, get ready to fall in love with a company who specialise in creating perfumes in every single scent imaginable… it was the Gingerbread scent that caught Zoella’s eyes (or should that be nose?!)…we’re constantly spraying ourselves in warm, spicy gingerbread goodness. And at £15 for 30ml, it won’t break Santa’s bank!”

Gingerbread, along with Snow and Fireplace also made it into Popsugar’s post; ‘Smells Like Christmas! 50 Festively Scented Products We Love’.

So that summed up 2015! What a fantastic year and thank you all for your support. An early 'happy New Year' to you all and we look forward to more fragrant fun in 2016!

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