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  • The Library of Fragrance - this week's reviews!
  • The Library of Fragrance
  • Reviews
The Library of Fragrance - this week's reviews!

To begin, thank you to The Sunday Girl for this fairytale image of our Pixie Dust cologne. Love it! 
As we rushed into December surrounded by the intoxicating smells of our amazing Christmas-inspired fragrances, we were thrilled to see that others felt the same way about our creations as we do.
Erisea Mag looked at ‘The Smell of Christmas’ in their Christmas gift guide and wrote a lovely piece mentioning a whole host of our products;“…favourites for Christmas have got to be Mistletoe, Snow and Gingerbread.  Together they seem to create an atmosphere of this time of year.  Of course they can be worn alone or in any combination, the Gingerbread is warm and spicy with hints of vanilla and the sense of freshly baked cookies!  Mistletoe is a rich, sharp scent...  Finally, Snow is a bright, fresh fragrance that smells like the first snow that falls on an early winter morning and together the three of them make a beautiful, unique cologne.” They go on to say of our colognes “they are incredibly accurate and smell amazing...” Fully our intention, of course!
Shay Holly has been sampling our Vanilla Ice Cream, Cherry Blossom and Pineapple colognes; “These little beauties have fast become my favourite perfumes and I haven't been leaving the house without having one in my bag. If you haven't heard of The Library of Fragrance then you need to get straight on their website!” Shay describes these as examples of “perfect everyday smells” and was particularly drawn to Vanilla Ice Cream, which “…really lasts and in my opinion smells divine!”
Leighlee over at Beauty, Bargains and Beyond attracted compliments all over the place since using our Gin & Tonic Cologne Spray, which she describes as a “…clean, fresh & crisp fragrance. It's the perfect scent for a cold winter day. It's a light, cool citrus fragrance that gives you a wonderful wake up call when you spray it on every morning.” Any excuse for a G&T; a sentiment shared by Helen at Loves and Loathes who also selected Gin and Tonic Cologne Spray as an addition to her monthly ‘You Beauty Discovery’ box and commented that, “…this handy purse spray has a crisp, citrus scent with a hint of Juniper, as I’m quite partial to a G and T this was destined for my box!” offered five of our true-to-life Gin & Tonic colognes in a competition for December. If you like gin you’ll love this magazine and novel Gin subscription service – we recommend sniffing it out!
As if you hadn’t already guessed, our fragrances make excellent, thoughtful gifts. The Women’s Room in the ‘Christmas Gift Guide for the Boy About Town’ gave a shout out to Snow, Clean Skin and Fresh Laundry as ideal presents for boys (yes we got the irony straight away!)
Scrumptious Apple Pie made it into Kat’s ‘Quirky Stocking Fillers’ suggestions at Chapters of Kat.
Over at Time 2 Gossip, Egg Nog and Mistletoe were included in a festive round up; ‘It Smells like Christmas’.
Gingerbread, Egg Nog and Frankincense made it into a ‘Stocking Fillers’ post at Fashion for Lunch; When it comes to playful scents, the Library of Fragrance have nailed it! They are high quality single scent perfumes which can be worn alone or layered up to create your own personal fragrance combination.”
Lauren Joannee said of Egg Nog (again!); “today I'm going to tell you guys about my current favourite perfume, from The Library of Fragrance… and boy, is it amazing!...The overall scent of the perfume reminds me perfectly of Christmas candles, and the wonderful festive aroma of that time of year…” We’re so pleased you liked it, we love that our scents have the ability to conjure up such vivid feelings and memories.
Gabriella Loves was very taken with our Paperback cologne: “Paperback is a very subtle scent that reminds me of the fresh pages of a book. Not the plastic scent that sometimes occurs, but the cosy bookshop-winter-evening-at the fireplace scent. I can compare the scent to a very comfortable vanilla-wood mist, with the feeling of a cosy bookshop.”
Similarly, Kariss at Shy, Strange, Manic had been searching for a book-scented perfume for years and thankfully we were here to deliver. She said: “For me this is a winner...and they have a rather enchanting Christmas range at the moment.”  
The Sunday Girl gave our Pixie Dust a glowing review, and as we made the disclaimer that we unfortunately haven’t experienced real pixie dust, it’s amazing to hear that we may have created what people think it may smell like! I've spoken many, many times about The Library of Fragrance Colognes and stand by my admission that they are nothing short of genius…I know what you are thinking, how exactly would one create a Pixie Dust scent, given that it is a fragrance that only exists in the imagination of children and over enthusiastic adults? Not an easy task but The Library of Fragrance have done it justice…At just £15 for a 30ml bottle, it will add a little magic all year round to anyone's life as well as being terribly apt this festive season. I am smitten.”
Simone at Eltoria has kindly claimed to be a fan of our range and spoke about Strawberry Ice Cream, Sweet Pea, Sex on the Beach and Marshmallow. We were pleased to hear that a bottle of Strawberry Ice Cream lives in Simone’s car!
Louise at Get Lippie found our Cardamon fragrance to be a pleasant surprise; Expecting a sharp and pungent hit of hot perfumed spice, I was greeted with a soft fluffy cloud of warm cardamom-scented powder.  Creamy and gently perfumed with cardamom, this is really lovely.  It smells a lot more expensive than any £15 perfume has any right to, frankly.”
Hawaiian Vanilla made it into ‘November Favourites’ at the Perks of being Ami, and became the fragrance that lived up to her expectations of what a vanilla fragrance should smell like! Which was excellent news for us… we do try! To hear that she was “…head over heels in love…” with her “…perfect scent” really did make our day.

At the, our very own Mark Crames had his say in Funmi Fetto’s piece, ‘Is it time to divorce your scent?’ and the piece also highlighted our e-consultations service, perfect for any of you in search of your perfect, unique fragrance.

Maximum Pop wrote a fabulous piece – ‘PIZZA & PLAY-DOH PERFUME? 10 WEIRD BUT TOTALLY AWESOME PONGS FROM THE LIBRARY OF FRAGRANCE’ that really explains the breadth of what our range covers from Pixie Dust through to Dirt. Well, we do aim to meet every taste in scent.

The Perfume Society included our wonderfully autumnal Bonfire cologne in ‘5 fragrances under £30 – Suzy Nightingale’s scented edit’ and after expressing her love for that amazing “smell of bonfire smoke” she commented,Made for layering, I find this adds a deeper layer of interest to all sorts of scents I’d normally reserve for warmer days. Thrillingly pocket-friendly, it seems rude not buy several different ones and create your own perfect combo…” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.
The FashionBeans Grooming Gift Guide recommended our oddly sexy Dirt cologne, which smells of soil, should prompt a grin from the great unwashed.”
The ran a piece on ‘Winter Scents’ where Fleur Stevens selected Gingerbread as one of her favourite scents of the season. Perfect for anyone who likes the smell of freshly baked gingerbread”. Who wouldn’t?!

Online Noo in her brilliant ‘Drugstore Beauty Christmas Gift Guide’ said “I’m going to talk about one of my favourite brands, The Library of Fragrance…I love it and use it pretty much everyday. This is the one I’m using at the moment, Cherry Blossom…I love this one…they do some amazing fragrances…” Pixie Dust, Play-Doh and Pizza were also mentioned as was the enticing combination of Fireplace and Sticky Toffee Pudding, which couldn’t emulate any more what we’d like to do for most of winter.

Finally, also over on YouTube, Mark Ferris indulged his love of coffee shops in the winter months with a spritz of Espresso; “…I swear on my life it smells like a coffee, like a really nice…subtle coffee grain flavour, and it just lingers for ages and it’s just a really nice musky coffee smell.”

Phew! What a week! That sums up an incredible first week of December! Check back, next week, to see what the rest of the month had in store.

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