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  • A word on Instagram, You Tube and how to best get involved...
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A word on Instagram, You Tube and how to best get involved...

Social media is fun - we love it. As a small and new business, social media allows us to chat to our customers and it's also one of the best ways to reach new customers and tell them about our mad and beautiful scents. We're always honest about the fact that we do gift products to many established bloggers, You Tubers and people on Instagram, and there's nothing that delights us more than seeing surprised exclamations, delightful descriptions, happy posts, considered reviews and colourful pictures pop up all over the shop. More exposure means that more people hear about us, which means that a percentage of those people might go on to buy our products, which means that we can keep coming up with new scents and exciting developments in the future. Everyone's happy!...

Lately though, social media has made us a bit sad :-(... Some days we receive hundreds of requests to sample our products for free, from people using Instagram, and we clearly - and simply - can't send samples to everyone that asks. When we have to explain that, people often get quite upset with us, and we never, ever want to upset anyone. 

So, we thought it might make us all much less sad if we wrote a little post about what we're looking for before we send out samples for people to talk about on their social media channels...

1. If you're under 18 you must have asked your parents or guardians if it's okay to get in touch with us. If we do send out a sample, we need your address and they have to be happy for you to provide us with it. If you get in touch with us, we will assume that you have checked it's okay and it's all fine and dandy.

2. People that receive complimentary samples from us generally have an audience of followers across all their social channels, of at least 5,000. We can't send out samples to everyone on Instagram because we would go out of business! We have to draw a line somewhere and 5,000 seems a fair enough line at the moment...! 

3. Take a look at some of our recent favourite pictures from Instagram, in the picture above! We're not trying to limit ourselves to dealing with people who take slick, professional-looking photos, but we do like it when we can see that people put thought and effort into their ideas and the photos on their feed. Likewise, it's great when people get in touch by sending one email that includes all the above information in one place. People that receive complimentary samples from us have most likely sent us a friendly email, introducing themselves and including:

  • Their relevant links and statistics (see point two, above!) 
  • A few ideas about the sort of post/s they would like to create to showcase our different fragrances, or a few words about the fragrances that they are most keen to try, and why

4. We may not get back to you straight away...! Sorry, we are still quite a small team and we have a dillion-and-one things that we have to do, each day, to keep the business running smoothly. We respond to everyone that gets in touch with us, but sometimes this isn't immediately! 

6. Sometimes we may be able to send samples out, and sometimes we may not be able to. Things change, budgets fluctuate and some weeks we are just too madly busy and may ask if you'd mind getting back in touch with us at a later date. Please understand that we always do our best to be friendly and fair and if we have to politely decline your offer, it's never personal! 

We hope that helps to provide a better idea about what we're looking for when we partner with people on Instagram! It's a relatively new channel and we're all learning as we go. If you feel happy with all of the above points and would still like to get in touch, drop us a line at 

Thanks! Clare x

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    Clare Rees
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  • Nov 02, 2015

    I’ve always been a massive fan of ‘The Library of Fragrance’ and I feel like I could promote the business and share some of the quirky scents you have to offer to my followers on Instagram. I currently have 3000 followers and I use a Canon camera to capture photos. My Instagram link is
    I look forward to hearing from you,

    — Georgette Fischer

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